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Coronavirus in USA

An outbreak of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) began from Wuhan, an Eastern city of China, which is spreading very rapidly in all over the world. Now this disease has been detected in more than 203 countries, including USA.

In USA, the first case of COVID-19 was reported on January 20, 2020. On March 17, first 100 deaths have been reported. According to worldometers report, currently there are around 2,891,267 coronavirus cases found in USA in which 1,235,965 has recovered, and 132,112 has dead.

In a news conference, President Donald Trump identified that New York, Washington, and California are the major countries in America suffering from this virus. He has issued a Major Disaster Declaration for New York, Washington, and California. New York is on the top in the list, where more than 67 thousand corona positive cases confirmed.

According to WHO report, there are no specific treatments or vaccines for coronavirus currently. Globally, more than 11,220,009 cases of this COVID-19 have been reported across all continent excepts Antarctica. To be safe from this virus, schools, colleges, social gatherings need to be restricted until the vaccine is available.

As we all knowns very well that - "Preventions are better than cure."

Wherefrom COVID-19 has been started?

An outbreak of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) began from Wuhan, an Eastern city of China. On December 31, 2019, China reported a cluster of cases in Huanan Seafood Wholesale market in Wuhan city. Chinese Health Organization confirmed this cluster as Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) on January 7, 2020.

At this time, this virus has been spread in many countries. As of March 26, more than 4 lacs corona cases had been reported worldwide till March 26, now this figure has crossed 8 lacs corona cases. In this earlier month, the World Health Organization (WHO) officially declared COVID-19 a pandemic.

How America infected with COVID-19?

In USA, the first case of coronavirus had been identified in Washington on January 20. A young man returned from Wuhan, China tested positive with this deadly disease Corona. He disclosed that he had returned from China on January 15 with his family after visiting Wuhan city.

At first, it was mostly found in those who travelled outside the United States. As coronavirus spreads through person to person across the country. Initially, no strict action was taken by the US government. Therefore, the number of corona cases increased in America in a few weeks.

In last few weeks everything has changed and conditions became bad to worst. As the testing expanded, the corona infected cases confirmed in dozens and then by thousands.

There are more than 2,891,267 cases till 04 July in USA. New York, a North-eastern city of America, has the highest number of coronavirus cases. A WHO spokeswoman told to CNN that the USA still has time to stop for becoming a new epicenter of coronavirus.

What are the USA health officials doing to fight with COVID-19?日本人认为自己是亚洲人吗日本人认为自己是亚洲人吗,1024石榴社区20201024石榴社区2020,自己做卫生间地面防水视频自己做卫生间地面防水视频

On March 16, the white house declared Stay Home. The white house also recommended the citizens of America to work from home, avoid unnecessary travel, don't go out if not too much necessary. Approximate 6,363,717 patients have been recovered till now suffering with this virus.

Earlier this month WHO declared COVID-19 a pandemic. The USA president Donald Trump declared a national emergency. They also released up to $50 billion funds to help the states suffering with this virus. The USA president Trump has signed a bill to ensure paid leave benefits to Americans.

The Vice President of USA Mike Pence told the reporters that more than 2,50,000 Americans have been tested for coronavirus. But still, there is less availability of coronavirus tests within US borders.

Those who is infected with corona virus are quarantine for 14 days so that this virus will not spread in others.

Impact on America

There are around 2,891,267 coronavirus cases found in USA in which 1,235,965 has recovered, and 132,112 has dead till 04 July. One day before this number was 54941. Ten thousand new cases reported in a single day, on March 25, which is a large number. A severe outbreak result in hundreds or thousands of deaths of Americans, which could also harm to economy.

Though the number of COVID-19 cases and deaths is still increasing in USA. A WHO spokeswoman told to CNN that United State still has time to stop for becoming a new epicenter of coronavirus.日本人认为自己是亚洲人吗日本人认为自己是亚洲人吗,1024石榴社区20201024石榴社区2020,自己做卫生间地面防水视频自己做卫生间地面防水视频

Below are some parameters discussed which can affect due to coronavirus:

  • There will be a great loss to American citizens due to this virus.
  • A severe outbreak result in hundreds or thousands of deaths of Americans, which could also harm to economy.
  • Americans may also have a recession, which will affect them financially.
  • Many families will lose their family members due to this coronavirus.

What says worldometers?

According to the worldometers report, the United States of America (USA) is the Second country, which has the highest number of coronavirus cases after Italy. Below is a list of 50 countries, which have the highest number of corona cases in the world till 04 July.

Top 50 Coronavirus (Covid-19) Infected Countries LIVE Update

Country Total Cases Total Deaths Total Recovery
USA USA 2,891,267 132,112 1,235,965
Brazil Brazil 1,545,458 63,295 978,615
Russia Russia 674,515 10,027 446,879
India India 650,431 18,669 394,411
Spain Spain 297,625 28,385 N/A
Peru Peru 295,599 10,226 185,852
Chile Chile 288,089 6,051 253,343
UK UK 284,276 44,131 N/A
Mexico Mexico 245,251 29,843 147,205
Italy Italy 241,184 34,833 191,467
Iran Iran 235,429 11,260 196,446
Pakistan Pakistan 225,283 4,619 125,094
Turkey Turkey 203,456 5,186 178,278
Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia 201,801 1,802 140,614
Germany Germany 197,000 9,073 181,300
South Africa South Africa 177,124 2,952 86,298
France France 166,960 29,893 77,060
Bangladesh Bangladesh 159,679 1,997 70,721
Colombia Colombia 109,505 3,777 45,334
Canada Canada 105,091 8,663 68,693
Qatar Qatar 日本人认为自己是亚洲人吗日本人认为自己是亚洲人吗,1024石榴社区20201024石榴社区2020,自己做卫生间地面防水视频自己做卫生间地面防水视频99,183 123 90,387
China China 83,545 4,634 78,509
Argentina Argentina 72,786 1,437 25,224
Egypt Egypt 72,711 3,201 19,690
Sweden Sweden 71,419 5,420 N/A
Belarus Belarus 62,997 412 49,909
Indonesia Indonesia 62,142 3,089 28,219
Belgium Belgium 61,727 9,765 17,073
Ecuador Ecuador 60,657 4,700 28,391
Iraq Iraq 56,020 2,262 29,600
UAE UAE 50,857 321 39,857
Netherlands Netherlands 50,335 6,113 N/A
Kuwait Kuwait 48,672 360 39,276
Ukraine Ukraine 47,677 1,227 21,115
Kazakhstan Kazakhstan 45,719 188 26,750
Oman Oman 45,106 203 26,968
Singapore Singapore 44,664 26 39,769
Portugal Portugal 43,156 1,598 28,424
Philippines Philippines 41,830 1,290 11,453
Bolivia Bolivia 36,818 1,320 10,766
Panama Panama 35,995 698 16,945
Poland Poland 35,719 1,512 23,127
Dominican Republic Dominican Republic 35,148 775 18,392
Afghanistan Afghanistan 32,672 826 19,164
Flag Switzerland 32,101 1,965 29,200
Romania Romania 28,582 1,731 19,854
Bahrain Bahrain 28,410 95 23,318
Israel Israel 28,055 326 17,669
Armenia Armenia 27,900 477 15,935
Nigeria Nigeria 27,564 628 11,069
Total: 11,220,009 529,604 6,363,717

This worldometers report states that the number of corona cases is increasing day to days, which need to control. On 27 March, the USA surpassed Italy and China with more than 85000 corona cases and take the first place in the world for coronavirus infected cases.

How this virus spreads?

This virus spreads person to person through droplets of saliva or discharge from nose when an infected person sneezes or coughs. Older people (over 60 years old) and those who have medical problems like respiratory disease, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, or cancer have more chances to develop serious illness.

Some common symptoms include -

  • Fever
  • Dry Cough
  • Tiredness
  • Sore throat

To protect yourself from this infection, maintain social-distancing, avoid going to crowded places, wash your hand with an alcohol-based sanitizer, and also use face mask. Elderly people and those who compromise with their immune systems have a high risk of infection and death.

Stay Home Stay Safe?..

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